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1. During the time of studying at Zhejiang University of Technology, each international student can get a comprehensive insurance offered by school, including insurance for death, accidental disability, medical treatments of accidental injuries and hospitalization to deal with expenses caused by accidental injury and hospital medical treatment. 

2. The insurance for international students of Zhejiang University of Technology is provided by Beijing Pingan Insurance Company Co., Ltd.

3. Students purchase insurance according to the actual semesters. The teacher will do the relevant formalities for all the international students of ZUT together.

4. The students should pay the expenses by themselves if their medical expenses are beyond the insurance coverage. (Chinese Government Scholarship students should follow the relevant provisions).

5. The international students of the Chinese Government Scholarship and the Confucius Institute Scholarship can apply for medical book which can let them enjoy the same treatment as Chinese students on health policy. In addition to the insurance, the self-funded students are required to pay by themselves on all other costs of the clinic.

6. Reimbursement for medical expense

  • In general, if you are sick, you can go to the school hospital (except the emergency). You can enjoy the relevant discount using the medical book, but you should pay the registration fee.

  • If you change hospitals for treatment, you must ask the school hospital to give you a conformation of transferring to the designated hospital. Designated medical institutions of Zhejiang University of Technology: Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, Xinhua Hospital of Zhejiang Province, hospital of Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Shenglitongde Hospital,73021 military hospital, people’s hospital of Liuxia, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University (College), Zhejiang No.2 hospital, city hospital (College) No 3 (College), No.6 hospital, No.7 hospital, TB control Institute, Hangzhou city the Red Cross Hospital (TB).

  • The reimbursement for out-patient medical expenses. If it’s approved by the university hospital physician, the medical expenses occurred in the designated medical institutions (which are in the provincial medical insurance provisions),can be reimbursed 50% by the school and students pay 50%. Without the approval of the university hospital physician for transferring to hospitals outside, students themselves should pay all the medical expenses. Critically ill patients go to hospital for emergent treatment, occurring in the designated medical institutions to meet the provincial health insurance provisions of the emergency medical expenses school reimburses 50% and students themselves pay 50%. Occurring in non-designated medical institutions in accordance with the provincial health insurance provisions of the emergency medical expenses, the school pays 30% and students themselves pay 70%. (B 5%, B drug first self-care inspection fee to self 5-20%, C class at their own expense).


If you are in need of medical treatment, please remember to call the phone number 4008105119 (emergency please contact ICSO), and you can get proper instructions of medical attention and claim.

  • Be sure that you go to the public hospitals.

  • Be sure that registered name and contact number is correct.

  • If you are in need of advance payment of hospitalization, call 4008105119

  •  If you will pay for the hospitalization by yourself first, please remember to notice your doctor that you are going to ask for reimbursement from insurance company, and take all the materials from the hospital.


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