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The Regulation of Apartment Management ZJUT international students (Pinfeng campus)

By mutual agreement with International College, Rongda logistics group protocol the following accommodation regulations to provide better service to foreign students:


ONE: The list of facilities in dormitory

Double room: two groups of cabinets, two sets of bookcases, two tea tables, two chairs, two beds, one air conditioner with one remote-controller, one water heater, one drinking machine.


Four-person room: two groups of cabinets, four snappy convertible beds and four sets of bookcases, four chairs, one air condition with one remote-controller, one water heater, one one drinking machine.


TWOFee: Accommodation, water and electricity fee.


THREEAccommodation standard

Double room: 4500RMB per person per year.

Four-person room: 2300RMB per person per year.


Introduction: Every room is a standard room which can contain 2 or 4 people, and charges accommodation fee every year. Staying in the dormitory less than one semester will be charged for one semester. Staying in the dormitory over one semester but less than one year will be asked to pay for one year fee.


  • The students are not allowed to move to other rooms without agreement of the International Office.

  • If students ask for single room (if there are enough available rooms), the fee will be 9000RMB per year.

  •  If it’s just a coincidence that students are arranged into room and there is no roommate, and all the others rooms are full with two students and there is no other rooms with one student living in, the fee will just be 4500RMB per year.

  • Once the student lives in a room by himself/herself and just pays the fee for a student that is 4,500RMB per year, students must obey the rules and arrangements set by International College or the apartment management. For example, if the students refuse others who are arranged in this room to move in and when there are plenty of rooms, students should pay the fee of this whole room that is 9,000RMB per year. If there are not plenty rooms, and the students refuse to share the room with another student, the apartment management has the right to ask student to move out.


FOUR: The charges of water and electricity will refer to the standard of the citizen in Hangzhou. The students need to buy the electricity before they use it. The students can have 6 degrees of electricity and 6 tons of water every month (every 2 months to settle the water fee). Students should pay the extra part. (The price of water and electricity in Hangzhou: Price of water: 2.9RMB/ton. Price of the electricity: 0.538RMB/degree. Sometimes the price will change a little according the price charged for Hangzhou citizen.)


FIVE: the air conditioning rental fee: every year in September, the bedroom apply for air conditioning as a unit. Accommodation staff need to open procedures at service department in Xiyuan 4# Pingfeng, the cost shall be subject to the amount of that year.


SIX: Way of payment and settlement: Students should get a certificate from International college (Jian B503) before moving in the dormitory and pay the accommodation fee in the Jiahexiyuan NO.4 Building Integrated Service Hall. And pay the accommodation fee and deposit money of 800RMB. Keep receipt for the use when you move out the dormitory. (The accommodation fee should be paid for one year.)


SEVEN: Key management: For the safety of yourself, students cannot lend the key to others, in special situations, students must sign up and let the staff offer service in the dorm. Items from outside cannot be delivered upstairs.


EIGHT: Rules for check-out: If students want to move out for personal reasons, the students must apply first and when the international college agrees, the student can go through check-out procedures at Jiahexiyuan NO.4 Building Integrated Service Hall. The time of check-out is during the 15th and 16th weeks every semester. After checking out, students must move out all personal stuff out of the dormitory in three days.


1.6.2 The Regulation of Apartment Management ZJUT international students (Zhaohui campus)

Shangdeyuan No.11 Building (language students): Accommodation fee standards: 40 Yuan / person/ day (1st floor –3rd floor, rooms for the US-China CET project), 24 Yuan / person / day (4th floor-5th floor,). 


Note: each room is standard double bed, can accommodate 2 people, and accommodation fee will be calculated according to days and the actual situation of accommodation, i.e.:

  • If you want to live alone (when rooms are enough), you should pay the accommodation (48 Yuan / day)for the single room.

  • If you want to share a room with another student, but you have no roommate now, you should pay 48 Yuan/day during this time. If your roommate has entered, you two can share the fee (24 Yuan/day.).

  • When one of the two students moves out of the dormitory, another student should find a new roommate or obey the school’s organization’s arrangement, otherwise, if you temporarily unable to find a new roommate, you still have to pay 48 Yuan / day until you find a new roommate.

  • Shangdeyuan No.10 Building (Degree-students): Deposit money 800RMB. Four-person room: 2300Yuan/person/year.

  • You have to pay for the electricity and water, which is according to the standard price of the residents of Hangzhou.

  • The air conditioning rental fee: every year in September, the bedroom apply for air conditioning as a unit. Accommodation staff need to open procedures at service department in Yuxiu 316 Zhaohui, the cost shall be subject to the amount of that year.

  •  Payment and Settlement: you should pay 800¥ deposit money before you check-in and please keep the receipt which will be necessary when you check out. Accommodation fee must on a day-to-day settlement. No matter you just check in or you choose to stay one more week you should settle in a week otherwise you will pay for the penalty which account for about 5% of the total cost, and it will deducted from the deposit money of accommodation. The department staff charges water and electricity fees and they have the duty of charging. They should show a statement of charging.

  • The accommodation fee should be paid within 14days, otherwise it will be enforced to move out.

  •  Need to compensate if the bedroom public goods damage.


1.6.3 Accommodation instruction

ONEStudents must obey Zhejiang University of Technology Accommodation Regulations, if the facilities are damaged or lost, the students should pay the full price for the facility.

  • The apartment cannot be used to organize activities against Chinese law and school regulations, also cannot be transferred or subleased to others.

  • Keep quiet in apartment, do not dance, shout loudly, play music loudly.

  •  No drinking alcohol in the apartment.

  •  If you offended the anyone of accommodation regulations or the accommodation contract, the school have the right to cancel your right living in the dormitory, and cancel all your qualification to application of scholarships.

TWO: Others for your notice:

  • Do not disassemble the facilities in the dormitory, otherwise students must pay the full price for the facility.

  •  Please put the rubbish in the first floor’s rubbish bin instead of the lobby or kitchen.

  • Public facilities in kitchen is strictly prohibited to move, once be found, the student will be regarded as against the discipline and even be asked to move out.

  • Keep the public kitchen clean after using it. Create a good public environment for yourself and others.

  • Abide by Fire-proof regulations, take care of fire-proof appliances, keep away from fire danger. Prohibit storage of flammable and explosive materials.

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