Dr. Peng of ZJUT created a fully automated rice cooker


---------------------------------------------------------  The comments  ---------------------------------------------------------

This fully automated rice cooker created by Dr. Peng gained countless praises on the AWE (Appliance & electronics World Expo) during its first debut. What’s more, the Japanese celebrity, Cun Daomeng, who has been hailed as “cooking fairy” came to the Expo, and tested some of the rice which was cooked by this fully automated rice cooker and gave it high praises.

The naissance of this fully automatic rice cooker

---------------------------------------------------------  The inspiration  ---------------------------------------------------------

Firstly, Doctor Peng was not satisfied by some properties of Japanese rice cookers. For example it takes a long time to soak the rice and keep it warm. So an idea to create a fully automated system came to his mind- he saw it better to put the rice in water at an appropriate time.

In 2006, the idea of disposable rice came to Doctor Peng’s ears when he went to USA for an academic exchange. He then received news from a friend who had just returned from Japan that the rice polisher has been promoted in Japan. Both of these two are good methods to avoid washing rice with water.


---------------------------------------------------------  The creativity  ---------------------------------------------------------

In fact, washing rice with water is obsolescent in developed countries such as USA and Japan. He was inspired that after getting rid of washing rice with water, then it should be able to automatically mix rice and water in the container and cook it.