Colleges and Specialties

College of Chemical Engineering


The College of Chemical Engineering is derived from the Department of Chemical Engineering. It has enjoyed steady progress and great achievements during the past half century and, having produced more than 20,000 students, has become a premiere education base for senior professionals of Chemical Engineering in China. Currently, the college has 1,300 undergraduates and 800 postgraduate students.


The college offers academic programs up to PhD levels in the field of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Chemicals, and Pesticide Science, including 3 undergraduate programs, 10 master’s programs and 4 doctoral programs. The college is equipped with 210 faculty and staff with high academic achievement, rich teaching experience and dynamic academic thoughts. Many of them are with honorary title and enjoy special allowance from national of provincial government.


The college has excelled in its teaching and research in the past 50 years. The Laboratory of Chemistry Synthesis Technology has been approved as one of the national key laboratory bases. It also has “The International Research Center of Special Purpose Equipment and Advanced Manufacturing Technology.” Its 15 research institutes are undertaking research in a wide range of fields, including Industrial Chemistry, Industrial Catalysis, New Catalysis Materials, Catalysis Reaction Engineering, Chemical Engineering Design, Separation Engineering, Chemical Technology and Equipment, Electrochemical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Fine Chemicals, Petrochemical Industry, Pesticide, Biomass Energy Technology, Energy Chemicals and Resource Utilization, etc. The research staff has won 23 scientific awards at national level, and each year, it undertakes about 40 national research projects and has secured over 60 patents.


The college is actively involved in international exchange and cooperation. It keeps relations with universities in U.S.A.,UK,Germany,France,Poland,Belgium and Japan.



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College of Biological and Environmental Engineering


The college was established in 1989 to give students academic and professional preparations to become professionals of biological and environmental engineering in response to the national strategic new industries and high-tech industry. It currently provides over 900 undergraduates with four undergraduate programs and provides over 600 postgraduates with four master’s programs and two doctoral programs in the fields of biological engineering/technology, environmental science/engineering, biochemical engineering, and light industry technology. The college is equipped with excellent faculty team members, including a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and 27 professors. 


The college has excelled in its research in the past years. Some of its more notable achievements include: the development of validamycin pesticide with least pollution toxicity, the successful application of a combination of biocatalysis and chemical synthesis in the field of pharmaceutical engineering, and the development of the production technology of acarbose.



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College of Pharmacy


The College of Pharmacy was founded in 2001 to nurture professionals of pharmacy with innovativeness and practical skills. It provides academic programs up to the PhD level. It is also the main body of ‘The Collaborative Innovation Center of Yangtze River Delta Region Green Pharmaceuticals’ which is among the first batch of universities accepted into the Chinese Higher Education Project ‘2011 Project’. The college provides 5 research platforms at provincial or national level, including ‘National Engineering Research Center for Process Development of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients’ and MOE Key Laboratory of Green Pharmaceutical Technology and Equipment’.

Our research stresses on technology transfer and its research outcomes have been well applied into the pharmaceutical industry. The technology of substituting toxic and hazardous materials with environmentally friendly substances has been used in more than 200 domestic drug companies.

The research findings and applications have been so well recognized that they have already been awarded the National Award of Technology Invention and some other 21 national or provincial awards. The college has secured 299 patents of invention and over 600 publications on SCI, EI and ISIP.



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College of Materials Science and Engineering


The College of Materials Science and Engineering was established in 2013 and its precursor was the department of Novel Materials & Processing Engineering of the College of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. It has been developed to be an important base of professional training, scientific research and technical development for both industrial and academic communities.


The college has a provincial key discipline of Materials Science and Engineering, a provincial key laboratory of Plastic Modified and Processing Technology Research, and a Provincial Platform of Plastic Technology Innovation. It has also managed Zhejiang Corrosion and Protection Academy and the Modified Plastics Research Breeding Base of China Plastics Processing Industry Association. The college has been awarded as an institution which has made outstanding contribution to Modified Plastics Industry of China and an allied unit of Zhejiang Polymer Materials Industrial Technology.


To date, the college has over 60 faculty members, including 19 professors, 20 associate professors, with 58 percent of them holding a doctor's degree. The college is entitled to award PhD degree in Chemical Engineering of Materials and a master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering. It also offers two undergraduate programs in Materials Science and Engineering and in Polymer Materials and Engineering. Currently, there are over 700 students, including over 500 undergraduates and over 200 graduate students.


Utilizing the advantages of disciplines and talents, the college has formed a series of distinctive characteristics in key research direction in Polymer Materials and Engineering, Functional Materials, New Energy Materials and Technology, Metal Materials and Surface Engineering, Material Processing and Control Engineering, etc. They are well represented by more than 10 research awards, including a 2nd prize of National Awards for Technological Invention, and 15 monographs and teaching materials in these areas. Each year, the college undertakes over 70 projects, including the prophase of “Project973”, “Project863”, International Technological Cooperative Project, projects sponsored by National Natural Science Fund, Provincial projects and the Ministry projects, as well as projects from industrial community Based on these projects. They have received more than 10 million RMB in funding,  20 national invention patents granted, and 100 academic articles are published, of which over 20 have been extracted by the top index agencies. Our facility is a standard lab of more than 3 thousand square meters and professional instruments and equipments valued more 50 million RMB.







College of Oceanography


The College of Oceanography is a research college and it aims to respond to the national maritime strategy. It has two research institutes and provides programs up to the PhD level. The college is equipped with an impressive faculty, including 1 member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.


Research taken by the college include membrane materials and separation technology, environmental catalytic materials and environmental chemical engineering, water science and water treatment engineering, marine analysis & monitoring and environmental protection, intensive processing and comprehensive utilization of marine organisms, food chemistry and resources utilization, food safety and toxicology as well as marine engineering equipment.


The research team, led by academic Congjie Gao, has won the first prize in the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the Ho Lueng Ho Lee Award and some 20 provincial science and technology awards. Currently, there are a number of national research projects being undertaken by the research team in the college including the National “973”Program and “863”Program and National Natural Science Foundation.


The college has made partnerships with well-known universities in USA,Germany,Canada,Australia,Norway and Belgium. 



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College of Mechanical Engineering


Established in 1953, the College of Mechanical Engineering consists of 3 departments, 7 research institutes, 6 national and provincial research platforms and is equipped with over 140 professors. The college provides programs up to Post-doctoral level and lays stress on basic theories, professional knowledge, practicality, innovativeness and global vision. The program of Mechanical Engineering is authenticated by the Ministry of Education. It now has over 1000 postgraduate students and almost 2000 undergraduate students. The college is actively involved in government research as well as business and international cooperation as to respond to social need.

CME owns over 10 national and provincial scientific research platforms, including National Center for international Research of Special Purpose Equipment and Advanced Processing Technology, Key laboratory of Special Purpose Equipment and Advanced Processing Technology (Ministry of education, China), Engineering Research Center of Process Equipment remanufacturing (Ministry of education, China), and so on.

CME is dedicated to developing scientific research in those related subjects such as Precision Manufacturing Technology & Equipment, High Energy Beam Manufacturing Technology & Equipment, Mechatronic System Automation, Electro-hydraulic Control Components & System, Advanced Design & Manufacturing Technology, Agricultural Engineering Equipment & Automation, Digital Medical Engineering, Acoustics & Vibration, Vehicle Engineering & Intelligent Transportation, Industrial engineering, Structural Integrity & Safety of Process, Fluid machinery, Advanced Process Equipment, Thermal Engineering, Solid Mechanics, Robot Technology & Engineering, Distributed Energy & Microgrid Technology, and Micro/nanomechanical Testing Technology & Application.

CME has acquired many high level prizes and awards in research, namely 1 Second Prize of National Award for Inventions, 4 Second Prizes of National Award for Progress in Science & Technology, 1 Second Prize of National Award for Defense Technology, and 14 First Prizes in Provincial Award for Science and Technology. Each year, over 20 national research projects are granted and research funding amounts to 60 million Yuan. In addition, CME enjoys extensive academic exchange and cooperation with international universities and research institutes fromUSA,Japan, Europe,Hong Kong,Taiwan, etc., and has co-established seven international scientific research platforms. It also hosts 2-3 international academic conferences annually.



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College of Information Engineering


The college admitted the first cohort of undergraduate students in 1977 and is committed to giving students academic and professional preparation to become senior technicians and managers. It provides academic programs up to the PhD level, in which a full range of  IT knowledge and engineering practice opportunities are all available. The college now has some 2200 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students and 146 faculty and staff. You will find the curriculum stressing reflection and innovation so as to give students preparation to become IT elites.

A big pack of research and development projects at national or provincial level are being undertaken, including automation equipment and industrial robotics, information processing and intelligent traffic, smart grid, communication network and so on.

The college keeps close interaction with universities, corporations and research institutions in U.S.A.,Germany,U.K.,Belgium,Sweden,Singapore, and Japan.



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College of Computer Science & Technology


The College of Computer Science & Technology, also named College of Software, is one of the largest-scale, most active, and rapidly developing schools at Zhejiang University of Technology. The college has over 160 full-time faculty members and staff including 29 professors and 63 associate professors. The college has more than 2,600 students, 300 of which are full-time postgraduate students.


The main disciplines of the college include Information Processing and Automation Technology (which is selected as the provincial priority discipline), Computer Software and Theory, Internet Studies, Computer System Architecture, Computer Application Technology, and Digital media technology. The college has a Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Visual Media Intelligent Processing Technology and an Engineering Center for computer network applications. The College is entitled to award doctorate degrees in Control Science and Engineering along with two master’s degrees in Computer Science & Technology and Software Engineering.


The College has six departments providing five undergraduate programs of Computer Science and Technology. We also recruit students majoring in dual programs. Among these programs, the program of Software Engineering is the Provincial Key Specialty and the Digital Media Technology is the Innovative Training Model Demonstration Area supported by Ministry of Education and Internet Study Engineering. The College also has interdisciplinary students in experimental classes and computer automation classes. We are also well prepared to recruit international students majoring in computer science & technology as well as software engineering.


Believing in the motto of ‘Practice, Creation, Enlightening Virtue, Refining Man’, the college has established a student internship plan cooperating with more than 80 national well-known enterprises. It has also set up 4 teaching and research bases, including Hangzhou National Animation Industry Base, Hangzhou National Digital Entertainment Industry Base, as well as other famous enterprises. The college has also signed an agreement for joint training with universities and research institutes, both national and international, such as Loughborough University, Canada Dalhousie University, Singapore National University, and Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics to name a few.



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College of Civil Engineering and Architecture


The College of Civil Engineering and Architecture was founded in 1979 to give students professional and academic preparation to become engineers and managers in construction engineering. Through its 5 departments and 14 research institutes, the college offers five undergraduate programs and two postgraduate programs in the area of Architecture, Urban Planning, Civil Engineering, Water Science and Engineering, and Harbor Waterway and Coastal Engineering. The four undergraduate programs are all authenticated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban - Rural Development.


The college is equipped with 134 faculty and staff, among which 2 professors enjoy special allowance from the national government. The staff members are engaged in a wide range of scientific research projects sponsored by both the national government and provincial government. It has won 5 awards at provincial or national level and has received 47 million RMB in research funding.



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College of Economics and Management


Founded in 1980, the College of Economics and Management is running with a vision to become a business school with many distinguishable features, good reputation and international influence. It offers 8 undergraduate programs, 6 Master’s programs and 2 PhD programs. It places special emphasis on international exchange and scientific innovation while providing practice opportunities to students. The college has over 2200 full-time undergraduate students and 458 postgraduate students as well as another 2552 students seeking their Master’s degrees in the programs of MBA, Master of Engineering and Sino-UK Master’s program. We also have 132 academic staff working as teachers and as leaders in research.


In recent years, the college has been fruitful in scientific research. In 2011, the college received research funding of over RMB 10 million from the government, private funds and various organizations. In 2012, the college won 2 major National Social Science Fund Project awards, which is an historic breakthrough for the university in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences. It also won rewards for 3 national research projects. The number of publications in European Journal of Operational research, Economic Research and Management World has exceeded 400 entries in the past three years.


Located in the dynamicprovinceofZhejiang, theCollegeofEconomicsand Management is serving as an important base to nourish business professionals, to conduct research ofZhejiangbusiness, and to provide intellectual support for the province. 


College Contact

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College of Education Science and Technology


The College of Education Science and Technology/College of Vocational and Technical Education was founded in 1985 to give students professional and academic preparation to become effective educators. Through 5 departments and 1 research center, it trains vocational school teachers and professionals in education. It also initiates research and development projects on vital education issues and renders consultancy services to government and schools on vocational education reform.

The college offers 6 undergraduate programs including Educational Technology, Applied Psychology, Electric Engineering and Automation, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, and Safety Engineering. It also provides 7 master’s programs including Education Science, Education Technology, Organization and Service of Agricultural Science and Technology, Education Management, Modern Educational Technology, Psychological Health Education, and Special Education.

The college also works for the Ministry of Education to train vocational teachers and is a member of professional associations of vocational education at the national level.



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College of Sciences


Founded in 2000 and with its philosophy of ‘Being Rational and Wise’, the College of Sciences is devoted to the learning and research in areas of mathematics, physics, optical engineering, as well as providing the whole school with curriculums in mathematics and physics. The college offers 4 undergraduate programs and 4 Master’s programs to 847 undergraduate students and 110 postgraduate students through its 2 departments (Department of Mathematics and Department of Physics). Mathematics, Optics and Applied Physics are its strongest programs.


There are recently over 40 research projects funded by the country, and a rapid increase to research funding by as much as 30%. It has attracted researchers from around the world and is fruitful in the research of Optics & Photoelectron, Optical Engineering, Astrophysics and cold atom physics. Its Research Center of Mathematics is seeking a leading position inChina’s research of analysis, counting and Probability Statistics.

The college seeks to equip students with a thorough education of mathematics and physics as well as the practical ability of engineering to become senior professionals who can excel at both science and engineering. In the past three years, students of the college have won 190 awards in national academic competitions.



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College of Humanities


Established in 2002, the College of Humanities has become a comprehensive college with the subjects of Chinese Literature, News Broadcasting and Arts. Through its five departments, it offers five undergraduate programs, namely Chinese Literature, teaching Chinese as a second language, Advertising, Broadcasting, Announcing and Anchoring. It also provides three master’s programs.


The college is equipped with an excellent team of faculty members, many of which have graduated from top Chinese universities, includingRenminUniversity,BeijingNormalUniversity,FudanUniversity,NanjingUniversity, etc. There are also professors who enjoy special allowances from the national government.


Being actively involved in social research, the college has six research institutes and centers, namelyResearchCenterof the Evolution and Broadcasting of Chinese Literature, Research Center of Anna Chan Chennault,InstituteofComparative Literatureand World Literature,InstituteofInternet Communicationand Culture Research, and Research Center of Video Transmission and New Medias.


The college is facilitated with one multi-media demo studio, one advertising studio, one video studio, one gymnasium, and six broadcasting studios. These facilities have provided practical training opportunities for students. 


In recent years, the college lays more stress on international cooperation within its student and faculty exchange program. It also undertakes a number of “Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language” programs at home and abroad.



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College of Arts


Established in 2002 with a mission to ‘combine technology with arts, and service Social Development of Zhejiang Province by Design Innovation,’ theCollegeofArtsprovides education of art design with an engineering background. Through four departments, the college offers five undergraduate programs, including Industrial Design, Environmental Art Design, Visual Communication Design, Public Art design and Animation, as well as a master’s program in Design and a master’s program in Art. As the most recognized discipline, ZJUT’s Art program ranks 8th among all Chinese universities and colleges.


The college is enabled with the good ability of art design innovation by owning one provincial platform of industrial design technology, one city platform of industrial design technology and by establishing joint research centers with 16 various enterprises.


The college is fruitful in its teaching and research. Our staff has won over 100 awards in International Art and Design contest, the National Art Exhibition, International Film Festival, and Animation Film Contests to name a few. And over 800 awards won in design contests, including Red Dot Design Award, the Golden Monkey King Award for China International Cartoon & Animation Festival. Students and staff in the college have secured over 3000 patents.


The college is dynamic in international collaborations by cooperating withChibaUniversity,Maria-CurieUniversityand Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design.



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College of Law


Established in 2000, the College of Law offers two undergraduate programs and one postgraduate program through its six disciplines, namely Theoretical Jurisprudence, Science of Procedural Laws, Science of Criminal Law, Science of Civil Law, Science of Economic Law, International Law and Legal Theories. It also has three research institutes, the Research Center of Governing Zhejiang Province By Law, Research Center of Justice and Human Rights, and the Research Center of Intellectual Properties.


The college has over 1,000 students including 50 postgraduate students and 51 faculty and staff. With a floor space of12,000 m2, the college owns a 240-seat Chinese-style mock courtroom and two smaller-sized mock court rooms, one of Chinese style and the other of western style. All three courts are equipped with modern multimedia teaching facilities and can be used for either teaching practices or real trials. The Reference Room of the school possesses abundant legal material in both Chinese and foreign languages.


The college has established a long-term relationship with Southwest University of Political Science and Law to provide a joint program to postgraduate students. It also partners with government and other various institutions, including theLegalAffairsCenter(co-established by other legal affairs institutes), the Legal Assistance Station (co-established by the government and providing legal assistance for the community). In recent years, many teachers have been chosen as provincial legislative consultants or as teachers for judge-training and prosecuting attorneys inZhejiangprovince.



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Jianxing College


Founded in 1998,Jianxing College is the Honors college at ZJUT. Students who get high grades in Gaokao (theNationalCollegeentrance Examination) have the ability to be admitted to this college. Also, students in  the top 3.5%  will have the chance to be accepted into this program after their first year at ZJUT. In this college, students will receive a well rounded education and having been accepted into this program will garner immense respect in their future.


Students in the college have won prizes at highly regarded international competitions, such as the International Mathematics Modeling Contest, and over half of the graduates have been admitted to world renowned universities, includingPeking University,ChinaAcademy of Science andColumbiaUniversity.



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College of Politics and Public Administration


Established in 2003, the College of Politics and Public Administration offers two undergraduate programs, Public Administration and Administrative Management. It also provides master’s programs in the fields of Education Economics and Management, Government Resources and Environment Management, Administrative Management, Social Security, and Urban Planning & Regional Development Management. There is also an MPA program offered as a professional master program. The college accommodates some 540 students, including 110 postgraduate students, and 67 faculty and staff.


The college has nine research institutions, namely Hangzhou Research Institute of Development and Reform, Zhejiang Research Center of Public Opinion, the Research Institute of Education Economics and Management, the Research Center of Modern University System, the Research Center of Green Low Carbon Development, the Research Institute of Social Security and Social Policy, the Research Institute of Local Government and Grassroots Governance, the Research Institute of Community Development and Public Administration, the Research Center of Science and the Research Institute of Lifelong Education.


The college has excelled in the research of university governance structure and holds a leading position in the research of circular economy and low carbon development. The college is now, and will be, serving as a think-tank for the provincial government to offer advice for economic and social development.







College of Foreign Languages


TheCollegeofForeign Languagesadmitted the first cohort of English students in 1994. It serves the community through quality education of foreign languages and cultures as well as promotion of the internationalization of higher education and Sino-foreign exchange. Through it’s 5 departments, the college offers 3 undergraduate programs, namely English Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, and Translation Studies. It also provides English courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students, available to all students that attend the university.


The college has 121 faculty members and they are also engaged in research through 6 research institutes, namelyCognitiveLinguisticResearchCenter,InstituteofForeign Literatureand Culture, Institute of Pragmatics, Institute of Translation, andInstituteofCross Culture.


The college has exchange agreements with five universities around the world and is the main generator of “Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language” teachers who are working at the Confucius Institute around the world.



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College of Continuing Education


The adult education at the College of Continuing Education can be dated back to 1956. Taking full advantage of various resources from Zhejiang University of Technology, namely the disciplinary platform, the faculty resources, the scientific research achievements and the combination of “production, education and research”we have been dedicating ourselves to diversified pre-professional training and in-service continuing education for adults. Up to now, we have cultivated batches of talents in various fields, including over 110 thousand graduates with a university diploma or a college diploma, and over 200 thousand graduates with non-degree continuing education. In 2004, theCollegeofContinuing Educationwas authorized to establish “Continuing Education Base for National Level Professional and Technical Staff” with the purpose of cultivating high-level and urgently needed professionals in key fields of economic and social development.


At present, the academic continuing education program enrolls about 10,000 students every year. The program includes 23 university-level majors and 20 college-level majors, with studies ranging from economics, law, literature, science, engineering, management, and art. The education is provided in a variety of forms, including evening classes, correspondence course, and self-study examination. Meanwhile, the non-degree continuing education program is oriented extensively towards more than 10 provinces (or autonomous regions) to conduct various trainings for officials, enterprise managers and professional technical staff. We provide training for about 15,000 people every year.


Zhejiang University of Technology aspires to seek international cooperation and exchange in various forms, such as cooperative training, international certification training, overseas training and professional exchange visits, with the purpose of promoting superior continuing education service for all adults at home and abroad.



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International College


The International College was established in 2001 with a responsibility of operating joint education programs and offering academic programs to international students.


Currently, there are three joint education programs, including the Program in Civil Engineering Between ZJUT andMonashUniversity, the Program in Finance Between ZJUT andMonashUniversity, and the Program in Software Engineering Between ZJUT and Blekinge Institute of Technology inSweden. Within these programs, international curriculum and teaching styles are explored, as all major programs are conducted by both Chinese and foreign teachers in order to bring togetherChinaand the West.


The college has 376 Chinese students who pursue a major within the joint education programs. It also provides degree programs up to the doctoral level and language and cultural programs to 628 students from over 80 countries and regions. The college also offers a variety of scholarships for international students, which include a Chinese Government scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship and ZJUT Scholarship.



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Zhijiang College


Founded in 1999,Zhijiang College runs as an independent college of ZJUT with the focus of offering professional education programs. It has ten schools and one department, which offers 35 undergraduate programs to some 8,000 students. It’s most popular programs include Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Information Engineering Business Administration, Tourism Management, Industrial Design, etc. Since its establishment, the college has produced over 19,000 students who are popular in the job market.


Equipped with an excellent faculty of 432 full-time teachers, the college is engaged in research on a broad front and is also actively involved in technology transfer. By 2013, the college had secured nearly 300 patents and its annual research funding from enterprises exceeded 10 million RMB. 


The college has been taking an active role in overseas exchange and cooperation with universities and scientific institutes from abroad. Moreover, the college has started to enroll students from 2013 for the Sino-American Joint Program of Industrial Design with Bridgeport University. Other universities that run student programs with Zhijiang College include William Paterson University (USA), Eastern Illinois University (USA), University of Dundee (UK), IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems (Austria),Leuven University(Belgium) and Soai University(Japan).



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Collaborative Innovation Center of Yangtze River Delta Region Green Pharmaceuticals


Collaborative Innovation Center of Yangtze River Delta Region Green Pharmaceuticals (CICGP), which was amongst the first to be successfully selected in the national “2011 Plan” in 2013, was led by ZJUT and established by allying with other key players. By keeping the mission of being good at and further excelling on drug substance, CICGP explores a new model of innovative development of Chinese Higher Education, enhances the innovative capacity of the trinity of talent, improves discipline and scientific research in the pharmaceutical arena, and promotes the transformation of China from being one of the major players, to being the leader in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Gathering Innovation Power

In CICGP there are three research directions, including Green Chemical Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals and Drug Formulation, as well as four supporting platforms, including Pharmacodynamics, Quality Control, Drug safety Evaluation and a focus on the Environment. CICGP has a team composed of 211 knowledgeable and rigorous scholars, including 2 members of theChineseAcademyof Engineering and over 20 science leaders fromChina's One Thousand Talents Scheme and Cheung Kong Scholars program. Of 15 Innovation Researcher Groups, 1 has been chosen to be supported by the Ministry of Education. 

Collaborating Scientific Research

CICGP has an excellent collaborative research basis and produced many achievements. The research achievements include 5 National Science and Technology Awards, 15 First Prizes at the provincial and ministerial level, 1 Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Significant Contribution Award, over 240 Authorized National Invention patents, 2 Excellent Chinese Patent Award, and 5 publications in journals such as Chemical Review and Organic Preparations and Procedures International.

Training Innovative Talent

With excellent education and training resources, CICGP optimizes the talent training model which contains teaching through research, innovation as dominance and collaborative training, focuses on the implementation of internationalization strategy, and promotes innovative practice. By hiring world-class teachers, using international classic textbooks, advocating inspiring teaching, emphasis on case study reviews, and arranging overseas exchange programs, CICGP is collaboratively training outstanding innovation talents with an international competitiveness that is urgently needed in pharmaceutical industry.

Emphasizing International Collaboration

CICGP has worked hard to establish beneficial partnerships with world class universities, research institutes, and pharmaceutical enterprises in theUSAandRussia. It collaborates withIrvinePharmaceutical Services (IPS) to establish a 3rd party Independent Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory that complies with the US FDA’s requirement; it collaborates with the Siberia Branch of Russian Academy to construct new Mechanochemistry interdisciplines and in developing green pharmaceutical manufacturing techniques.

Focusing on Social Service

CICGP has long been committed to serving regional pharmaceutical industry development. With over 30 established joint R&D centers and pilot bases, CICGP actively promotes the application of green pharmaceutical techniques, such as green substitutes for toxic and hazardous substances, highly efficient biocatalysts, modern sustained and controlled release formulation, etc. Enterprises which have implemented these techniques comprise some of the world’s largest and most powerful production facilities, producing 15 major products including Naproxen, vitamin D3 and Valiolamine. This generates significant economic and social benefits.


Welcoming all talents throughout world, CICGP hopes to make greater contributions to the development of the pharmaceutical industry inChinaand throughout the World.



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*** Key specialties in China

**   Key specialties in Zhejiang Province

*     Key specialties in ZJUT


Undergraduate Program

Postgraduate Program

PHD Program

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering & Techniques***

Applied Chemistry***

Energy Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Technology


Applied Chemistry

Industrial Catalysis

Marine chemistry & chemical engineering

Analytical Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Technology

Applied Chemistry

Industrial Catalysis


Material Chemistry

Mechanical Engineering

Industrial Engineering**

Mechanical Engineering***

Process Equipment & Control Engineering**

Detection-and-Control Technology & Instrument

Vehicle Engineering

Logistics Engineering

Energy& Environmental Systems Engineering

Mechanical Manufacture& Automation

Mechatronic Engineering

Machine Design &Theory

Vehicle Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Ship &Marine Engineering &Equipment

Fluid Machinery & Engineering

Thermal Engineering

Chemical Process Equipment

Solid Mechanics

Mechanical Manufacture & Automation

Mechatronic Engineering

Mechanical Design & Theory

Vehicle Engineering

Chemical Process Equipment

Industrial Engineering


Information Engineering

Communication Engineering*

Electrical Engineering & Automation


Electronic Science and Technology

Electrical & Information Engineering

Communication & Information Systems

Signal &Information Processing

System Engineering

Control Theory & Control Engineering

Detection Technology & Automatic Equipment

Pattern Recognition & Intelligent Systems

Navigation,Guidance & Control

Network Control &Communication

Systems Analysis & Integration

Control Theory & Control Engineering

Detection Technology & Automatic Equipment

System Engineering

Pattern Recognition & Intelligent System

Network Control & Communication

Computer Science & Technology

Software Engineering**

Computer Science & Technology**

Network Engineering

Digital Media Technology

Internet of things Engineering

Computer System Architecture

Computer software and theory

Computer application technology

Internet of things Technology

Digital Media Technology

Software Engineering


Business & Administration

Business Administration*

Finance Management


International Economy & Trade***

Tourism Management

Information Management & Information System**


Engineering Management


Management Science & Engineering


Industrial Economics

International Trade

Labor Economics

Quantitative Economics


Tourism Management

Business Management

Technical Economy & Management



Business Management

Tourism Management

Technical Economy and Management

International Trade

International College(Undergraduate Program)

Chinese Business(For International Students)

Business Chinese(For International Students)

Software Engineering(Joint program with Blekinge Institute ofTechnology,Sweden)

Civil Engineering(Joint program withMonash University,Australia)

Biological & Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering**

Biological Engineering***

Biological Technology

Environmental Science



Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Sugar Engineering

Fermentation Engineering



Environmental Science

Environmental Engineering

Constructional Engineering


Urban Planning

Civil Engineering**

Water Science and Engineering**

Port and Waterway Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Structural Engineering

Municipal Engineering

Disaster Prevention & Mitigation Engineering

Bridge & Tunnel Engineering

Green Building Technology



Pharmaceutical Engineering***

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Science of Chinese Pharmacology


Agricultural Pharmacology

Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Pharmaceutical Analysis

Microbial & Biochemical Pharmacy


Medicinal Chemistry


Applied Physics**

Information &calculation Science

Optical Information Science &Engineering

Mathematics & Applied Mathematics

Basic Mathematics

Probability Theory&Mathematical Statistics

Applied Mathematics

Operation Research & Cybernetics

Theoretical Physics

Condensed Matter Physics


Optics Engineering




Broadcasting & TV Journalism*

Chinese Language & Literature***

Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Broadcasting & Anchor Art

Literature & Art

Linguistics & Applied Linguistics

Chinese Philology

Ancient Chinese Literature

Modern & Contemporary Chinese Literature

Comparative Literature & World Literature




Politics and Public Administration

Public Service Administration*

Administrative Management

Administrative Management

Educational economy & management

Social Security

Government Resources &Environment Management

Development & management of urban & rural planning& regional




Law of Intelligence Property

Science of Procedure Laws




Industrial Design**


Visual Communication Design*

Environmental Design*

Public Art

Artistic Design


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