Pinfeng campus

1. Dormitory fee

Deposit money : 800 RMB

Double Room: 5300 Yuan /person/year 

Room for 4 students: 3500 Yuan /person/year

2. Accommodation cycle

Student accommodation fee is paid in term of year. Payment cycle of accommodation is 10 months per year in principle (from Sept to June), at least it has to be paid by a semester.

3. Accommodative formalities & payment of fee.

(1) Students check in with the document issued by International College, and please save the deposit document in case of check-out; Students need the document issued by International College when check out.

(2) In principle bachelor students will be arranged to 4 people room.

(3) In principle students can’t change room without authorization. If there is a special reason for students to change the room, student must submit an application in advance to international college office and put on records and handle the formalities after agreement.

4. Electricity and water standard

International student has free water quota: 

          Every student enjoys 3 tons of water.

Zhaohui campus

1. Accommodation fee standards: 

Deposit money : 800 RMB

Double Room:

40 Yuan / person/ day (3rd floor)

24 Yuan / person / day (4th floor - 5th floor)

Room for 3 students:

20 Yuan / person / day

2. You have to pay for the electricity and water, which is according to the standard price of the residents of Hangzhou.

3. Payment and Settlement: you should pay 800Yuan deposit money before you check-in and please keep the receipt which will be necessary when you check out. Accommodation fee must on a day-to-day settlement. No matter you just check in or you choose to stay one more week you should settle in a week otherwise you will pay for the penalty which account for about 5% of the total cost, and it will deducted from the deposit money of accommodation. The department staff charges water and electricity fees and they have the duty of charging. They should show a statement of charging.