Taxi: the price is RMB 11 at leastand is measured by taximeter.

Buses: No. 6(K6), 316(K316), 41(K41), 43(K43), 3(K3), 12(K12), 33(K33), 58(K58), 86(K86), 814(K814), 826(K826) and 536(K536)

Transportation from Zhejiang University of Technology(Zhaohui Campus) to city bus station and Xiaoshan International Airport:

1. Hangzhou City Urban Railway Station: take K276 at bus stop of Zhaohui Liu Qu

2. Hangzhou South Railway Station: take K276 at bus stop of Zhaohui Liu Qu to Hangzhou City Urban Railway Station then take No. 300 to the destination

3. Hangzhou East Bus Station: take 33(K33) at the bus stop of Zhaohui Liu Qu

4. Hangzhou South Bus Station: take 86 at the bus stop of Pujia Xincun

5. Hangzhou West Bus Station: take 58 at the bus stop of Chaowang Crossing Road to Bazi Bridge then take BRT branch line 2

6. Hangzhou North Bus Station (Hangzhou Jiubao Passenger Transport Central Station North Station): take 101 at the bus stop of Zhejiang University of Technology to Bus Passenger Transport Central Station North Station

7. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Shanghai Pudong Airport: take airport shuttle bus at Wu Lin Xiao Guang Chang

Other Information

Zhaohui Campus

Recharging spot for campus card: Campus Card Center next to the Jiaren Supermarket

Procedures for dormitory internet access application: please go to the office next to the Jiaren Supermarket to transact the procedures with student card and the copy of passport. The related cost of production shall be paid by the applicant himself/herself.


Dining places in Zhaohui campus:

Yuxiu Canteen, Jinghong Canteen, 1/F of Bowenyuan Canteen, 2/F of Xiangyuan Hotel

Dinning places outside the school:

Xiaolin Milk Tea (Desheng Shop), located at the north gate (near the bus stop of Desheng Nancun)

Deoksugung Korean Restaurant (Shangtang Shop) (near the west gate)

Six-generation Hand-made Noodle (near Desheng Road)

Xiangxieli Crab Clay Pot Restaurant (No. 332 Shangtang Road)



Swimming Center of Zhejiang University of Technology

The fitness center for teachers and students of Zhejiang University of Technology (4/F of Labor Union Building)



Leku KTV (intersection of Shangtang Road and Desheng Road)


Shopping centers:

Jiaren Supermarket in campus, TESCO, Auchan and Trust-mart

Shopping malls in downtown: Hangzhou Tower, Intime Department Store, Hangzhou Department Store and Jiebai New Century Commercial Building